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10 Keys to Clinical Excellence

Our founders came together as established and successful refractive surgery specialists to build a high quality Laser Vision Center. To accomplish this end, we are committed to maintaining our position as the Professional Standard in Laser Vision Correction.


LASIK is surgery and should be treated as such.


Experience is paramount. At Precision Lasik Group, we feel that you should have surgery with a specialist. Our surgeons combined have performed thousands of excimer laser procedures since its initial approval by the FDA in 1995 and include FDA clinical investigators who regularly speak at national forums on laser vision surgery.


LASIK is an elective procedure. We feel most comfortable when are patients are knowledgeable. Patient education is crucial to ultimate satisfaction. Thus, a high priority is placed on education at each of our Centers.


We are committed to establishing and maintaining the highest quality of patient care. Our cooperative efforts help all of our patients benefit from the shared experiences of our surgeons. Through our physician network, we provide an extensive 24 hour availability to the patients.


We are determined to stay at the “cutting edge”. Our Center is equipped with advanced laser technology offered by the autonomous Allegretto Wave Laser system FDA approved, space-age eye tracking safety device which aids in producing more precise and predictable results.


It is clear how crucial safety is to a successful outcome. To this end, we go beyond the standard of care to insure the patient’s safety. In our opinion, it is not enough to sterilize our equipment in between patients. We sterilize in between eyes on the same patient and change our blades and disposables with every eye done. LASIK at Precision is performed in a clean environment with masks, gloves and scrubs.


We strive for consistency by paying meticulous attention to detail. Our policy is to provide “checks and balances” to maximize the patient’s chances for a successful result.


Precision adheres to a “quality, not quantity” patient selection philosophy. We believe that good results start with good candidates. Our staff will tailor surgery to maximize your visual potential based on a comprehensive, technologically advanced examination.


Laser Vision procedures are extremely safe and quick. We know, however, that patients are understandably anxious. Our physicians and staff are committed to doing everything possible to make the patient’s experience a positive one. Our unique and innovative center is state of the art and designed to ease tension as soon as the patient walks through the door.


We recognize the importance of trust in the patient – doctor relationship. This relationship is established prior to surgery and continues through the patient’s post-operative care. Your surgeon will always be available for you.

Precision LASIK Group

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